Toro Flores Quintet

Toro - Vibraphone Guitar
Joe Caploe - Drums
Mark Little - Keys
Brandon Rivas - Bass 
Georgie Padilla - Percussion

This ensemble is Toro's premiere ensemble, which features San Antonio's finest musicians. This ensemble features complex yet beautiful rhythmic and harmonic counterpoint, fluid ensemble improvisation, and a diverse selection of music. The quintet has performed at San Antonio's finest venues and jazz festivals including  San Antonio Jazz Alive, Southwest School of Art Festival, San Antonio's Summer Arts and Jazz Festival, The Crossroads Jazz Festival and the Texas Jazz Festival in Corpus Christ, TX among many others. Zarabande was also a featured group in the SXSW Music festival in Austin Texas in 1999.


Duo - Spanish Guitars with optional Marimba

Robert Garcia - Guitar
Toro Flores - Guitar 

As far as duets go, there is no better combination of sounds than two Spanish guitars. The Spanish guitar evokes many different moods from the classical stylings of Adres Segovia, to the sensuous sounds of flamenco music, to the gypsy jazz sounds of Paris. The classical guitar truly creates a world wide feast for the senses. Add a touch of American jazz, a drizzle of Brazilian flair, and world class pop standards for good measure and you have a duet that your clients will remember for decades to come. Covered artists include the Gypsy Kings, Chick Corea, Duke Ellington, and of course, Tom Jobim among many.

There are many guitar duos to choose from, however, this duet guarantees our clients peace of mind that they will have uncompromised sound quality
with unmatched professional polish. The Duo has performed at all of San Antonio's finest hotels, restaurants, catering facilities, etc. Toro and Robert have been playing together professionally for twelve years.

Hot Sauce

Robert Garcia - Guitar
Toro Flores - Marimba Guitar
Joe Caploe - Percussion  

This world class ensemble, usually a trio, is a step up from our much loved duet. Toro plays the marimba as well as guitar which gives us a larger tonal palette. Visually, marimba performance is something to behold, and Toro arguably does it better than anyone on the planet.
Joe Caploe is certainly one of the best percussionists available, but he is also a world class vibraphonist! Toro and Joe have been playing together professionally for four years and have created a close working relationship as multi-instrumentalist mallet players. As far as value goes, this your best bet. A world music orchestra at its finest with only three people.

For an audio clip of the different ensembles, go to the audio player at the  bottom of each page and click on the arrows.


  Toro Flores
1124 Rigsby Ave
San Antonio, Texas 78210

(210) 387-0719